“Infamous” arrived yesterday and I think I’ll take a look at here in a few minutes.  I’m off to see “Venus” this afternoon and “Factory Girl” tomorrow.   “Breach” received relatively positive reviews, which may mean I won’t wait until it’s released on DVD to see it.

Catching back up with the world of movies after of few long days at my real job.  Looks like sentiment is building for “The Departed” in the Best Picture race, although “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Babel” still are both very mcuh in the mix.


I must admit that I’ve lost interest the Oscar race.  Sure, I’ll watch the ceremony and pick my winners, but I’m far more interested in seeing the many films that I’ve yet to see – Oscar nominees or not.  I don’t mean to poo poo the event.  It’s a big deal for all the winners (and even many of the losers).  And it may prove especially historic if Peter O’Toole or Martin Scorsese win or perhaps both.  But interest peaked about three weeks ago.  Now, I suppose, I just want to get on with it. 

I managed to see “Running with Scissors” this week.  A fine performance by Annette Bening, but not a very fine film. 


Hoping to make a swing to Lilly’s for some japanese noodles since I’ll be out that way tonight.  Alright, off to this movie.  Enjoy your day.

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