I have to admit that I’ve been consumed with the Razorbacks this weekend.  Thursday, Friday and yesterday.  The tip off in the finals of the SEC Tournament in a little under an hour.  It all means that I haven’t seen anything, but I received two good recommendations from trusted moviegoers that “The History Boys” is worth a look.  I may try and squeeze it in between the conclusion of the game and the NCAA Selection Show.  Or maybe the 7:00.  I’ve got “Stranger than Fiction,” “The Science of Sleep,” and “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” sitting on the coffee table.

I did manage to catch up with some good friends on Friday night at Kappy’s always-wonderful “Trio’s.”  I started with a Glenlivit 8-year old followed by the beef tenderloin with asparagus and mashed potatoes, a glass of pinot noir and a chocolate cheesecake that I could have eaten for days.  My moviegoing friend tasted the “Stephen Colbert” which, according to the menu is “a porterhouse cut pork chop marinated in an apple marinade, grilled, and covered with a South Carolina peach &  ginger barbeque sauce served with Sweet Home black-eyed peas, chipotle-white cheddar mashed potatoes and sautéed Swiss chard.”   The menu item has been picked up by Comedy Central website.  There was banana delight and raspberry cream pie (a favorite of my little sister) as well. 


If you saw anything this weekend in theatres or on DVD, let me know.  If you ate some good food, let me know that too.

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