But another gem in Little Rock is creeping up on us.  The Arkansas Literary Festival, a weekend full of lectures, panels and books, happens April 20-22 in the River Market District of Little Rock.  The event benefits the Arkansas Literacy Councils of Arkansas, which work on adult literacy issues.  They have an interesting line-up so far including the poet Nikki Giovanni, former White House chef Rolan Mesnier, Arkansan Janis Kearney, Milton Viorst, the Middle East scholar, NPR’s “The Book Guys,” blogger Frank Warren of postsecret.com, Kevin Brockmier, Cristopher Hitchens, Betsy Jacoway, and Charles Shields who wrote the latest biography of Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and close friend of Truman Capote. 

Here’s the link.  Be sure to put this weekend on your calendar and check it out.  Most of the events are free and it’s always a good time.