I finally got around to seeing “The Reader” today.  The film, directed by Stephen Daldry (“The Hours”) is an adaptation of a German novel of the same title by Bernhard Schlink.  It stars Kate Winselt, who was nominated for an Oscar for the role, and Ralph Fiennes.

Despite Ms. Winslet’s nomination (she’s better and more deserving of the Oscar for her performance in “Revolutionary Road,” although she is quite likely to win), “The Reader” does not belong among the Best Picture finalists.


“Synedoche, New York,” “The Visitor,” “Rachel Getting Married,” “Revolutionary Road” and “WALL-E” are far superior films to “The Reader.” But the most glaring omission of this year, and one that will haunt the Academy for decades, is better than them all.  I’m talking, of course, of “The Dark Knight,” the best film of 2008.

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