The Moviegoer

Andy Warhol on screen

The Guardian takes a look at the many actors that have portrayed Warhol.

A former Berlin correspondent

watches "The Lives of Others" and has this to say. 

Tribeca Film Festival

Here's the line-up.

Dude, avoid the concession stand

Here's why.

'Talk Radio'

Rememeber this Oliver Stone film?  The Sunday London Times handed out free copies of the film this weekend with the paper.  Interesting idea. 

What's in your queue?

"Casino Royale" is out on DVD today.  I've got "Less than Zero" and "Prime Suspect 1: Part 2" coming my way.

Slightly off topic

But another gem in Little Rock is creeping up on us.  The Arkansas Literary Festival, a weekend full of lectures, panels and books, happens April 20-22 in the River Market District of Little Rock.  The event benefits the Arkansas Literacy Councils of Arkansas, which work on adult literacy issues.  They have an interesting line-up so far including the poet Nikki Giovanni, former White House chef Rolan Mesnier, Arkansan Janis Kearney, Milton Viorst, the Middle East scholar, NPR's "The Book Guys," blogger Frank Warren of, Kevin Brockmier, Cristopher Hitchens, Betsy Jacoway, and Charles Shields who wrote the latest biography of Harper Lee, author of "To Kill a Mockingbird" and close friend of Truman Capote.  Here's the link.  Be sure to put this weekend on your calendar and check it out.  Most of the events are free and it's always a good time. 

Don't forget

The Oxford American DVD premiere at Riverdale this Thursday night, March 15th at 7:00.  Here's a link for all of the details.

The weekend

I have to admit that I've been consumed with the Razorbacks this weekend.  Thursday, Friday and yesterday.  The tip off in the finals of the SEC Tournament in a little under an hour.  It all means that I haven't seen anything, but I received two good recommendations from trusted moviegoers that "The History Boys" is worth a look.  I may try and squeeze it in between the conclusion of the game and the NCAA Selection Show.  Or maybe the 7:00.  I've got "Stranger than Fiction," "The Science of Sleep," and "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" sitting on the coffee table.

Frank Miller

talks to New York Magazine about the new film "300"

International Children's Film Festival

is going on today in New York.  Yet another good idea for Little Rock.

David Denby on the film narrative

This New Yorker piece by film critic David Denby wasn't available online until now and it's worth a read.  And kudos to The New Yorker folks for the new site design. 

Mira Nair

director of the newly released "The Namesake" talks to EW.  Nair previously directed Reese Witherspoon in "Vanity Fair."

Reichl, food and Julia Roberts

Ruth Reichl, the pioneering editor in chief of Condé Nast's gastronomic institution Gourmet and formerly the celebrated restaurant critic for The New York Times, is musing about who should play her in the movie adaptation of her scrumptiously engaging memoir, Garlic and Sapphires, which Fox and Avenue Pictures are developing and on which Reichl is an executive producer.

Richard Gere

Star of the upcoming film "The Hoax" about the guy who faked a Howard Hughes biography.

The Big Three

      In the Men's Style Magazine in today's NY Times.

2007: A Good Year?

It's March, really the first month of the movie calendar and already two very fine films "Breach" and "Zodiac" have been released.  The former, if marketed appropriately, should get Chris Cooper some awards consideration.  The latter merits serious awards consideration from the director on down (and especially Mr. Downey, Jr.).  This weekend and next, nothing worth a damn opens, but the weekend of March 23rd "Reign over Me," the Mike Binder ("The Upside of Anger") film starring Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle opens wide and "Color Me Kubrick" with John Mlacovich opens in limited release. 

'Becket' coming to Little Rock?

According to the Movie/Style section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the newly restored Peter O'Toole film is set to open March 16th.  One can only assume this film, if it screens, will show at Market Street.  As we all know, the folks at Breckenridge, The Rave and Riverdale will be gearing up for the "TMNT" opening on March 23rd.

On 'The History Boys'

Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat Gazette . . . Yet if The History Boys isn’t quite a movie, it is wonderful in its own way, as a slightly abridged and easily consumed version of the Alan Bennett play which won the 2005 Olivier Award for Best New Play and the 2006 Tony Award for Best Play.

P. Martin asks "Do 'Wild Hogs' watchers know what they're missing?"

in his On Film column today in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.