Parking lot shooting victim dies of wound

A marijuana transaction Sunday led to a shooting that has proved fatal.

Chef Payne Harding of Cache Restaurant competes in worldwide Favorite Chef competition

Harding noticed in an email that he’d been selected for the contest shortly after going through two casting rounds for the Food Network’s Guy Fieri show “Guy’s Grocery Games.”

Entergy joining other utilities to make it easier to drive electric vehicles on longer trips

Entergy joins in an effort to make more speedy charging stations available on major highways for electric vehicles.

The new plan for Medicaid expansion -- carrot rather than stick

An incentive to work for better insurance is the cornerstone of the plan, but details remains hazy.

States, including Arkansas, have weathered the pandemic financially

Arkansas not only avoided a revenue hit in the pandemic, it has been amassing a huge surplus.

Abortion ban approved by House committee

With little debate -- though lots of testimony in opposition -- a House committee approved an unconstitutional bill to ban abortion in Arkansas.

Franklin County deputy kills man who reportedly charged him with a bat

Shooting came during response to a burglary report near Ozark.

Restaurant owners can open up dining capacity to 100%, but many think it’s too soon

Arkansas restaurants can now fill to capacity in spectacular pre-pandemic fashion. But we’re still in a pandemic, with a largely unvaccinated workforce of servers and front-of-house staff facing the public.

The news roundup and open line

Soon the governor will have an unconstitutional abortion ban to dither over signing.
Kelvin Sergeant

Watson Chapel Junior High student wounded by gunshot; police retract erroneous report of his death

Both the shooter and the victim involved in the incident at Watson Chapel Junior High this morning are 15 years old.

Jason Weinheimer of The Libras on pandemic-era collaboration, being a reluctant frontman and "that Little Rock thing"

Weinheimer, along with bassist Chris Michaels and guitarist Charles Wyrick, will play a set on the front porch of Control Records in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock, 6 p.m. Thursday, March 4 for the neighborhood’s monthly Shop and Sip happy hour hang.

Judge orders state to turn over information about unemployment claims; one of two losses Tuesday for Workforce Services

Workforce Services strikes out in two court cases Tuesday over its poor handling of unemployment benefit claims.

Senate passses AEDC appropriation on third try

The third time was the charm for an appropriation that had run into trouble because of unhappiness about state economic development work in China.

Watson Chapel to hold virtual school today following junior high shooting

Questions remain as school resumes in Watson Chapel following junior high shooting.

Tom Cotton has a problem with Biden nominees, particularly a certain sort

Tom Cotton doesn't much like Joe Biden's Cabinet nominees. Women of color particularly.

Money talking for Sarah Sanders, if not necessarily with her

Stephens and Ford backers likely should produce a good cash haul for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But will she speak?

State surplus now tops half-billion dollars

Tax revenue continues to pour into an enlarging state surplus.

Jones Bar-B-Q should be smoking again

The outlook is bright, based on financial support, for the rebuilding of Jones Bar-B-Q in Marianna.

How to get an Arkansas medical marijuana card

Arkansas Marijuana Card and its affiliate companies across the country have helped more than 70,000 patients obtain their medical marijuana card nationwide, with clinics in Ohio, Missouri, West Virginia, Virginia and Louisiana. Here's a quick rundown of how to get your Arkansas medical marijuana card.

Dr. Joycelyn Elders joins other surgeon generals to call for national vaccine day

Why not a national vaccine day?

Watson Chapel school shooting suspect to be charged as an adult

Adult charge filed against 15-year-old.

Lending favors white men. Surprise

Surprise. It's easier for white men that minorities are women to finance small businesses.

A review of the late John Churchill's "The Problem with Rules"

Churchill’s book arrives a year and change after his death, in a dispiriting moment. The foreword, written by his youngest son Hugh and his brother Larry, notes that liberal arts deliberation is sorely lacking through the pandemic as we struggle to balance public health services and the needs of the economy.

Coronavirus today: Who knows?

The numbers look good. If you trust the numbers.