Helena mayor says his city will defy state gun 'sovereignty' bill

Mayor won't back down on federal gun law enforcement if 'sovereignty' bill becomes laws.

LRPD patrol car stolen during jail stop

Joy ride home for former inmate ends in arrest.

Legislature effectively removes rape exception for some abortions

A rape exception for abortion? Not so much.

Coronavirus today: More cases, more deaths and slower vaccinations

Coronavirus numbers are not good.

Sarah Sanders reports $4.8 million haul in first campaign report, about four times Rutledge's total

Trolling for national dollars pays big for the Republican.

White supremacy on display at Democratic Party HQ, just down the street from the Capitol

Democratic headquarters targeted by racist. Sign of the times?

Arkansas playwright Rachel Lynett wins 2021 Yale Drama Prize

Lynett's play "Apologies to Lorraine Hansberry (You Too August Wilson)" is the winner of the 2021 Yale Drama Prize, selected this year by Pulitzer winner Paula Vogel. 

How nasty is Tom Cotton? There's no bottom.

Arkansas, you own this,

Bill aims to shine light on dark money in Arkansas judge races

Lawmakers will consider a measure today that would require far more transparency on spending in judicial campaigns.

Dismang's voucher bill moves to the House

Voucher bill speeds out of Senate to House.

Legislation filed to tap greyhound purse money when dog racing ends

A plan emerges to tap gambling tax receipts when greyhound racing ends at Southland Park. It comes with legal questions

LRPD encounter with another slippery suspect

Handcuffed prisoner slips away, but soon recaptured.

UPDATE: Helena-West Helena will obey federal gun law, mayor says. Gun safety group calls for veto.

A mayor says he'll honor his oath and enforce federal gun laws.

Eleanor Karam leaves $2.7 million to UAMS

A $2.7 million gift to help Alzheimer's work.

House approves end to Confederate Flag Day

One seg-era tribute to the Confederacy would be removed by legislation passed in the House today.

Unemployment rate drops, but so does workforce

Fewer working produces a lower unemployment rate, a sign in part of people giving up job searches.

The constitutional amendment chase: Something's missing

The proposals endorsed so far are bad, but they could be worse.

Gun-waving continues in Arkansas House

Federal supremacy? To hell with it, Arkansas House says.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' donors include Rep. Matt Gaetz

Sarah Huckabee Sanders;' contributors include a former Trump insider who reportedly is now on the outs.

Coronavirus rising in half the states, including Arkansas

It's not over yet.

Coronavirus today: The trend is up

The numbers move up. It's not over til it's over.

Another mass shooting, this one in Indianapolis

Another mass shooting, this time at a Fed Ex facility.

Campaign reports coming in today UPDATE

Quarterly campaign finance reports are coming in today.

Charging station grant program approved by House

Electric vehicles do better today. And one legislator needs a ride in one.