Asa's spin session Friday: He said what?

The governor's spin cycle was on extended rinse yesterday. But the COVID-19 numbers don't lie.

North Little Rock reports homicide

Woman found in street.

Go to college in an Arkansas 'bubble' is the idea. Will the idea float?

An online college "bubble" in a Fayetteville hotel? Will it work?

COVID-19 today. And the open line

I guess 770 new cases is good news, by yesterday’s lights.

Today's news -- schoolapalooza -- and the open line

Seeking to clarify matters, the state creates more confusion.

Maddie's Place re-opens its doors, with a plan to 'adapt and adjust'

Maddie's Place, closed since mid-March, re-opens its doors with a slightly scaled-down menu, plexiglass dividers and a new air purification system.

Joan Adcock draws another challenger, Sheridan Richards, who looks primed for the contest

Joan Adcock is now in a three-way race and a new contender looks prepared for the battle.

Casino amendment backers drop court appeal and campaign

Another casino amendment bites the dust.

The Forget the Numbers, We're Going Back To School Edition

Arkansas Times editors Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar discuss reopening schools amid the pandemic, fraud and holds on unemployment claims, a plea deal in the Linda Collins case, Rusty Cranford and Top Golf.

Woman in Heights says she was beaten for wearing a mask

A woman wearing a mask gets assaulted for it.