Biden financial statements filed

Financial records were filed under seal today in the Hunter Biden paternity case.

The Hunter Biden problem

Jonathan Chait, writing for New York, is right. Hunter Biden is a problem if his father wins the Democratic presidential nomination, in addition to the convenient red herring he's provided Republicans fighting Donald Trump's impeachment.

LR school advisory board member Michael Mason addresses criticism

Michael Mason, a member of the Little Rock School District Community Advisory Board, which provides recommendations on the state-controlled district, has written an open letter in response to criticism of his votes on school attendance zones at a meeting last week.

Judge blocks enforcement of Arkansas law restricting labeling of plant-based food

Federal Judge Kristine Baker today issued a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the 2019 state law aimed at prohibiting the labeling of plant-based foods in any way that suggested they were similar to meat products.

Washington Post shines light on dying democracy

The Washington Post's journalism continues to outshine the both-siderism that seems to mark so much of New York Times coverage of late.

UPDATE: The Kobach/Mark Martin legacy: A flawed voter fraud detection system

Pro Publica reports news from Kansas relevant to Arkansas: Kansas has agreed to stop using CrossCheck, a supposed voter fraud detection system, because of concerns raised about security risks.

Mississippi casino operator makes its case for Pope County permit

Though it's not yet clear when Circuit Judge Tim Fox will ever hear the lawsuit by Gulfside Casino Partnership claiming it has a valid application to open a casino in Pope county, Gulfside has laid out its legal argument in a filing Tuesday.

Is segregation soon to be the law of the land? Looks like it.

Questioning from a federal appellate judge yesterday indicated that court protection against racial segregation of schools may be nearing its end.

New Medical Marijuana Clinic - Arkansas Marijuana Card Opens Location in Fort Smith

Arkansas Marijuana Card has opened its second clinic in Fort Smith, specializing in evaluations and recommendations for patients seeking treatment with medical cannabis under Arkansas’s medical marijuana program. 

Project lists public housing project inspection scores, including higher failure rate in Arkansas

More public interest reporting from Pro Publica: A series on the conditions in federally subsidized housing projects. Oversight is falling short, if failing grades on inspections of living conditions are an indication.

Dark money in the race for Arkansas Supreme Court

The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law has issued a new report on the influence of money in judicial races, with plenty of attention to dark money spending in 2018 on a race for Arkansas Supreme Court.

Chancellor Drale, Oliverio, Stewart Honored For Supporting Military Student At UA Little Rock

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Chancellor Christina Drale, Edie Stewart, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management, and Kathy Oliverio, director of military student success, were recognized for their efforts to support military service members this month.

UPDATE: LRAFB says no Saudis currently in training there

UPDATE: LRAFB currently has no Sauid students in training in its large flight training program.

Supreme Court breathes life into drive to refer eye surgery law to voters

The Arkansas Supreme Court today in a 4-3 decision opened the door to counting all signatures on petitions to refer to votes a new state law that gives optometrists the ability to do more surgical procedures.

Today's news: From Washington to LRAFB

The video news roundup includes Trump fake news, LRAFB, casino lawsuit and LRSD.

Today's news: Court news, a victory for meatless burgers and impeachment

Today's news: Supreme Court winners and losers, impeachment and more.
Several thousand LRSD supporters gathered at Central High School on Oct. 9 to protest the state’s treatment of the school district.

A sister-schools program could help make the LRSD more equitable

There is a big idea education-policy idea that you will find just under the surface of every discussion about the Little Rock School District. It is the concept of educational equity.

Supreme Court denies DNA test for Death Row inmate Stacey Johnson

The Arkansas Supreme Court voted 5-2 today against new DNA testing for Death Row inmate Stacey Johnson, facing death for the 1993 slaying of Carol Health in Sevier County.

State Board adds consideration of high school zones to agenda

The State Board of Education, at the request of chairwoman Diane Zook, has added to its Thursday monthly meeting agenda consideration of Little Rock School District high school zones. I think that can fairly be read as a sign that Zook will push for the State Board to direct Education Secretary Johnny Key, who acts as the LRSD school board while the district is in state takeover, to ignore the recommendations of the LRSD administration and order the district to expand Pinnacle View High School in Northwest Little Rock to grades 9-12 next year and add a full complement of extracurricular offerings. 

State Board again illustrates how little local control it intends to give Little Rock School District

The State Board of Education blew another razzberry at local control of the Little Rock School District today, delving into matters as small as the name of a school.

Plant board weeds out stricter regs on dicamba, leaves May date in place

Farmers happy; those opposed to use of the chemical past mid-April are not.