Worst person in the world -- Donald Trump

Another new low for Donald Trump. And we ain't done yet.

COVID-19 pushes the pause button on the Little Rock music industry

Arkansas musicians and venue owners talk about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the music industry.

A car story to brighten your quarantined heart

It’s Friday the 13th as The Observer writes, the Dow Jones is a dumpster fire, a deadly virus is sweeping across the land and a 73-year-old, truth-phobic toddler is flying the jumbo jet on which we are all passengers for at least the next 10 months. Given that, allow Your Old Pal to hopefully brighten your quarantine cell, secluded cabin or hermetically sealed containment unit with a tale of the good ol’ days.

Coronavirus update: 6 dead and 449 cases in Arkansas

The pandemic has now been confirmed in 49 Arkansas counties as the state continues to struggle to do broad testing.

Hearings set in case of woman charged with killing ex-Sen. Linda Collins

Special Judge John Fogleman has filed an order setting out the schedule for the capital murder trial of Rebecca O'Donnell, accused in the June 2019 slaying of former Republican Sen. Linda Collins of Pocahontas.

An Arkansas weed scholar's lab notes

We talk terpenes with a Little Rock budtender.

Today's news: A double disaster. Here's the open line

A tornado and coronavirus top the daily news roundup. The line is open.