House completes action on another bill to ban transgender women from women's sports

A second bill, about the same as the first, to prevent transgender women from participating in women's sports.

Senate completes action on banning mask mandates, but ...

Mask mandates will become illegal in Arkansas. But not for several months.

Religion targeted by Senate for constitutional amendment

The Senate leans toward religion for a third constitutional amendment.

Amendment selection firms up

Two amendments are done and a third is on the way.

Coronavirus today: The number rises

A big jump today in new cases.

First Amendment assaults in the legislature to squelch talk of racism

Trent Garner wants to cancel discussion of 'divisive concepts.'

House passes school voucher bill

Voucher backers gained eight more votes, enough for a $2 million voucher bill that is certain to grow in years ahead.

Is a Democrat allowed to pass legislation that helps people vote? No.

Can a Democrat help more people vote by passing equal treatment for absentee ballots?

Old State House's new Barton Coliseum exhibit goes up virtually April 25; in-person April 27

“Play It Loud” opens virtually at 7 p.m. Friday, April 23, on the Old State House’s Facebook and YouTube channels, and opens in-person on April 27. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

Today's news is good at least in one respect ...

Nothing much good to say about the legislature. As usual.

Senate sneers again at federal gun law; sends nullification bill to governor

Grab your machine guns, boys, Arkansas doesn't recognize federal gun law.

Ain't we good? The governor and legislative leaders tout their work

The governor beholds his budget and declares it good. For tax cuts.

Pressure from both ends of the economic divide on Little Rock sales tax

Arithmetic and some questions from both rich and poor slow the mayor's sales tax increase plan.

Today's news: Nullification is the name of the game

Civil rights? Gun law? Phooey says the legislature.

Coronavirus today: 1 million shots

A milestone in shots but a long way to go.

Russellville fires its school superintendent UPDATE 3

Russellville ousts its school superintendent,

Judge refuses to dismiss bribery case against Gilbert Baker and also limits defense topics

Gilbert Baker's bribery trial in July is on.

Behind-the-scenes of the Little Rock sales tax fight

Aside from some grumbling, members of the Little Rock Board of Directors have had little publicly to say about Mayor Frank Scott Jr.'s plan to ask voters to approve a permanent 1 percent sales tax increase, which would generate an estimated $53 million annually. But there are rumblings of efforts from board members to find support for counterproposals.

Little Rock Board leads way on COVID health, but the state legislature has other plans

Little Rock endorses continuing mask mandate the same day the legislature sent a contrary signal.

Credit where due: Democrat minority turns back creationism and cruelty to transgender children in Senate committee

The teaching of creationism and cruelty to transgender children were defeated in a Senate committee Wednesday.

Weekly food truck round up

Trucks will be at Simmons Bank Arena, The Rail Yard, OrthoArkansas and more.

Protect and expand voting! Oh wait. It's Arkansas

With hours left in the legislative session, a rally to protect the vote is probably fruitless. But worth noting.

Republicans continue to fight easier voting

Help absentee voters be sure their votes count? A Republican-controlled Senate committee today said no.

Helltown, born and raised: A Q&A with Bankroll Freddie

Bankroll Freddie on skirting death, homemade banana pudding and Megan Thee Stallion.