Hutchinson says Republican leader should have condemned Boebert's anti-Muslim remarks; dodges vaccination failure in Arkansas; blames inflation on Biden

He calls for more civility in discourse.

COVID today: 207 new cases and two more deaths

207 new cases, only 2,600 more vaccinations.

More complaints about Republican gerrymander of new legislative districts

More complaints about excessive partisanship and racial discrimination in Republican plans to redraw legislative districts.

Neighborhood group urges Little Rock to devote spare cash to Terry Mansion

A neighborhood group says Little Rock has sufficient reserve funds to repair the historic Terry Mansion, which is the city's responsibility.

COVID and the open line

373 new cases and positive test rate in double digits.

Today's news: COVID and gerrymandering

The news isn't good. The line is open.
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A 2021 holiday gift guide, Arkansas Times-style

Unicorn hot cocoa, socks with fun cuss words, tomes on Arkansas's material culture, RBG prints and more.

This is 'pro-life'?

Women die when abortion is banned. Read about it.

Charley Crockett and Summer Dean at The Hall Friday night

Like many of his predecessors and contemporaries, Crockett’s wont to raise a lyrical middle finger to the trappings of Nashville showbiz even as he’s hailed as its darling.

Redistricting done, including changes not shared with public before meeting. Criticism from ignored parties pours in.

The expected rote approval of Republican-friendly legislative redistricting maps occurred today. News includes Megan Godfrey's announcement that she won't seek re-election.

Tax talk begins at Little Rock City Hall for community projects

Staff is beginning work on capital projects, perhaps requiring a property tax election.

Still time to catch 'The Legacy of Dunbar' at Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

Still a few more days to catch Mosaic Templar's tribute to the legacy of Dunbar High.

The history of lynching in Arkansas (and its troubling modern-day parallels)

Lynching is part of our state's past. Is it doomed to be part of our future?

Democratic Party blasts Republican gaming of redistricting; promises legal challenge

Democrats suggest a court fight lies ahead for partisan- and racially-motivated apportionment.

Missouri judge blocks vaccine rule for health care workers in 10 states including Arkansas

Biden vaccine rule for health workers blocked by a federal judge in Missouri.

'The dismal history of big infrastructure'

Major infrastructure projects have been plagued by delays and cost overruns, the New York Times says. Duh, say victims of the big concrete ditch through Little Rock.

Republican-controlled redistricting process goes about how you would expect, a total bust for Democrats

Republicans took aim and picked off at least one formidable Democratic foe in a nakedly partisan redistricting process that renders Arkansas even redder.