Attorneys request phone access for Rebecca O'Donnell, woman accused in slaying of Sen. Linda Collins

Attorneys for Rebecca O'Donnell filed a motion in Randolph County Circuit Court Thursday asking that O'Donnell be given telephone access at no cost for the purposes of communicating with them. 

Little Rock man arrested on federal fraud charges

Arkansas Attorney general Leslie Rutledge announced yesterday the arrest of a Little Rock man for allegedly operating a Ponzi scheme that defrauded victims of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and allegedly attempting to defraud the National September 11 Memorial and Museum fund of nearly $26,000. 

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Medical Marijuana Commission pressures dispensaries to open as slow rollout continues

The state's licensing commission is putting pressure on dispensaries to open to the public soon or potentially lose their licenses.

Apparent suicide at prison in Pine Bluff

David Shabazz, 53, was found at 6:30 p.m. last night hanging from the cell bars with a bed sheet wrapped around his neck. 

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Starks files motion of contempt against mayor and chief of police

Attorneys for reinstated LRPD officer Charles Starks yesterday asked the Pulaski County Circuit Court to hold Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott and Police Chief Keith Humphrey in contempt of court for failing to reissue his gun, badge or identification.

LRSD’s next big challenge: keeping the community engaged after the fight for local control

In November 2020, Little Rock will elect a local school board for the first time in more than six years. While it is important to continue pushing back against the state’s paternalistic plan to indefinitely restrict the authority of our soon-to-be-elected board, we also need to recognize the opportunity we now have to demonstrate that LRSD will be a success under local control.