Teachers call for using surplus to shore up teachers health insurance

AEA calls for state help on teacher health insurance.

Rent relief: Better later than never

Thanks to the federal rescue plan, rent relief is on its way to Arkansas people.

Week in review: infrastructure week edition

This week, Max Brantley and Austin Bailey talk about recurring nightmares of plummeting off the I-40 bridge and into the Mississippi, unemployment misery, Little Rock sales tax drama and a surprise visit from 50 Cent.

Coronavirus today: Governor touts vax rate

We need to do better.

Today's news and the open line

The news and the first necktie in 16 months.

Who wrote the Arkansas vote suppression legislation? Here's a clue

A dark money group talks about how it wrote cookie-cutter vote suppression legislation for many states. Sounds a lot like the Arkansas legislation.

Little Rock Fire Department responds to fire at Sims Bar-B-Que on Geyer Springs

The Little Rock Fire Department responded to a fire at Sims Bar-B-Que shortly after 3 p.m.

UPDATE: Coast Guard reopens Mississippi River to shipping at Memphis

River shipping resumes but still no timeline on bridge traffic.

Little Rock lifts mask mandate today, but there are many exceptions

Mask mandates fall, but private rules vary. And the world experience says the virus isn't over just yet.

The Rep is back in July with a play about Sister Rosetta Tharpe

First up in "The Rep Outdoors" series: "Marie & Rosetta," playwright George Brant's 2017 play about Cotton Plant, Ark. native Sister Rosetta Tharpe and her relationship with contralto Marie Knight.

Moment of reckoning coming for NCAA tournaments in discriminatory states like Arkansas

Decision day near on whether NCAA will hold tournaments in states like Arkansas that have passed laws discriminating against transgender people.

Invisible, In Plain Sight: The art and music of Michael Jukes

Jukes has been a creative dynamo since he escaped from the clutches of North Little Rock’s Northeast High School in the early 1970s, and he’s been making compelling music and comics ever since, all without achieving what famous Arkansas recluse Charles Portis called “escape velocity” from Arkansas. That is not to say Jukes didn’t try.

Red Oak Steakhouse is first in the South to offer authentic Kobe Beef!

Kobe Beef is the world’s most famous meat and extremely rare. With only a tiny fraction of restaurants nationwide licensed to serve authentic Kobe beef, Red Oak Steakhouse is proud to be awarded this amazing opportunity.

Who writes the bills? Kochheads, that's who

Dark money legislation had roots at ALEC.

It's Time for a Road Trip! How Will You Do Hot Springs?

Get pampered at the Quapaw Baths & Spa or the Buckstaff Bathhouse, brew some tea at the hot water fountains or treat yourself at the Hotel Hale in Downtown or at Lookout Point Lakeside Inn on Lake Hamilton.