Enough with tests, including drug tests for public officials

Drug-testing public officials? Let's not.

The General Assembly Goes Home Edition

Max and Lindsey talk about the big new public corruption indictment and the legislature going home.

Another week done: Headlines and open line

Here's the Friday open line. And the video news roundup is longer on comment than news.

Saturday To-Do: 'Celebrating the Life of Burger'

Amy Garland, John Good, Nick Devlin, Barbara Raney, Rachel Fields, Mandy McBryde, Stephanie Smittle and a host of other musicians hits the stage at 7:30 pm., playing music from Burger's weird, illustrious catalogue.

Trump's sanctuary city plan recalls the 'Reverse Freedom Rides'

The Washington Post has dug up another piece of diabolical meanness by the Trump administration — a plan to dump detained immigrants in "sanctuary cities" such as San Francisco to punish political enemies such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Stand by for news. And the open line

Pretty newsy day it turns out. Check the video roundup here. And this is the open line.

Men of Steel, Women of Wonder at Crystal Bridges

Men of Steel, Women of Wonder is a new exhibition developed by Crystal Bridges Assistant Curator Alejo Benedetti that examines art-world responses to Superman and Wonder Woman ranging from their Depression-era origins to today’s contemporary artist interpretations.

Stick-a-fork-in-them open line

There's good news on the daily video roundup today: The legislature's done. Here's the open line.

Tuesday: Headlines and the open line

Sorry, though there are many legislative headlines on the video today, they're not done yet. The open line is here.

A day to remember

It's Victory over the Confederacy Day.

Monday: The final days open line

Monday's news roundup mostly awaits further action from the legislature. Here's the open line.

New episode of Rock The Culture: "You Want That Testimony"

In this week’s episode, Antwan Phillips and Rep. Charles Blake provide perspective and conversation on the Central Arkansas Water’s efforts to secure additional fresh water sources, the Legislature’s attempt to extend the time that the State Board of Education can control the LRSD, and the location of LRPD’s license plate readers and security cameras.

City Director Lance Hines joins fight for anti-sanctuary legislation, among the bad bills pending in final session hours

Among the gruesome dying gasps of this legislative session will be the fight by Sen. Gary Stubblefield to pass an anti-sanctuary city bill that even Gov. Asa Hutchinson has expressed reluctance about. But not City Director Lance HInes, who you can see with failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Jan Morgan discussing his support of the legislation.

Open line: Plus Eric Musselman hired to coach Arkansas basketball

The open line includes the announcement that Eric Musselman, who had been coach at Nevada (Reno), is the next head basketball coach at the University of Arkansas.

Stand your ground, Moms: The gun bill isn't dead and a 'compromise' is cooking

Speaking of copycat legislation: The worst NRA desire of this legislative session — adding Arkansas to the list of states with dangerous "stand your ground" laws — isn't dead yet. Another run to pass it, potentially with acquiescence of a former foe, is on the agenda for the legislature's final week.

The Good and (Mostly) Bad at the Ledge Edition

Max and Lindsey talk about the latest from the legislature, including good news. But also bad news.

Thank goodness: News and the open line

Today's news video roundup: The legislature can't quit soon enough. Here's the open line.

Video news roundup and open line

Hey, some good news on today's video headline roundup. Here's the open line.

Thursday To-Do: Violinist YooJin Jang at St. Mark's Episcopal

Violinist YooJin Jang interprets Bach, Corigliano and Schumann at a concert from The Chamber Society of Little Rock tonight.

Muslim students deliver love to White Hall in response to anti-Muslim message by principal

Muslim students fight Islamaphobia in White Hall with forgiveness and understanding.

Over the hump headlines and open line

The legislature slouches toward the finish line in today's video news roundup. Here's the open line.

Tuesday: Headlines and the open line

The news roundup is nearly all about the legislature. Here's the open line.

Trump will keep health plan secret until after 2020 election

Trump's amazing health care plan will remain a secret until after the 2020 election.

New episode of Rock the Culture podcast: 'Comfortable Being Uncomfortable'

In this week’s episode, Antwan and Charles provide perspective and conversation on the cancellation of Riverfest 2019 and the Arkansas Legislature’s new attempt to pass legislation to implement a voucher program.